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Summer Chair Cushion



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square cushion/chair cushion

– Made by high quality Linen+Cotton.

– Products with Linen+Cotton fabric, soft and comfortable touch, filled with high-quality PP cotton, strong .

– Products work fine, no button design, excellent quality do not have to worry about the mat loose and affect the use of.

– Absorb the body pressure, effectively reduce the buttocks pressure, sedentary deformation, breathable sweat, not afraid of extrusion, machine washable, quick-drying.

– Home where any reliable sitting, need it, can be used for tatami, bay window, floor, bedside, seat, sofa or for yoga.

– Practical and durable are very strong.

– The chair cushion has two identical sides so it can be turned over for even wear.


Material: cotton and linen fabric

Filling: polyester fiber

Size: 40x40cm

Package Content:

1 x Chair Cushion 




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Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 420 × 420 × 60 cm

Color triangle, Grey grid, Grey triangle, Parallelogram, Phyllostachys pubescens, Polar bear, Tableware, Whale, Yellow chessboard


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