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Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women U Shape Maternity Pillows Pregnancy Side Sleepers



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Size specifications: free size
Filler: polyester fibre
Because of soft peal cotton material, so the pillow has big ductility.
when packing, the pillow will be compressed into a small parcel, so you might think it is smaller than expected after you take it out from the parcel, but which is normal.
You can dry it in the sun, or shake it several times, then the pillow will be almost recovered to the original size.
hope understand! Because it is manual building materials, the size allows the existence of about 5cm error, please don’t mind it. thanks!
1. Colors may not appear exactly as seen on photo in real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.
2. Pillowcase detachable.
3. Pillow due to the transport process caused by extrusion will fold, which is a normal phenomenon, ironing pillowcase on the flat.
Pillow core fabric: cotton / crystal velvet
Pillow height: 15.1-20cm
Pillow shape: U type
Size specifications: 70x130cm
Pillow weight: 2.1-3 kg
Package Content



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Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women U Shape Maternity Pillows Pregnancy Side Sleepers: An Unmatched Comfort Experience

Overview: Indulge in ultimate comfort with our Sleeping Support Pillow, designed exclusively for pregnant women. This U-shaped maternity pillow is crafted to provide unparalleled support, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for expectant mothers who often struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Size Specifications: This pillow comes in a versatile free size, accommodating various body shapes and sizes. The filler, composed of high-quality polyester fiber, guarantees resilience and durability.

Material & Ductility: The pillow’s soft peal cotton material grants it significant ductility, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to the user’s body shape. While packing, the pillow may be compressed into a small parcel for convenience. Upon unpacking, it might seem initially smaller than expected, but this is entirely normal. To restore it to its original size, you can simply dry it in the sun or give it a few shakes. Please note that due to manual crafting, a size discrepancy of about 5cm may exist, which we hope you’ll understand and overlook.

Color Variations: As with any product, colors may not appear exactly as seen in photos in real life. This can be attributed to variations between computer monitors and subtle differences in naked eye color perception.

Additional Features:

  1. Detachable Pillowcase: The pillowcase is conveniently detachable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Transport-Induced Folding: During the transport process, the pillow may experience folding due to extrusion. This is a normal phenomenon, and ironing the pillowcase flat will swiftly resolve any temporary folds.


  • Pillow Core Fabric: Cotton / Crystal Velvet
  • Pillow Height: 15.1-20cm
  • Pillow Shape: U Type
  • Size Specifications: 70x130cm
  • Pillow Weight: 2.1-3 kg

Package Content: 1 * Sleeping Support Pillow

Invest in the well-being of expectant mothers with our Sleeping Support Pillow — a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and support during pregnancy. The U-shaped design ensures that every part of the body is cradled, providing much-needed relief and a restful night’s sleep. Embrace the journey to motherhood with the ultimate sleeping companion.


Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 330 × 300 × 160 cm

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1.5kg, 1.3kg


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