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Shower Head Water Saving Flow 360 Degrees Rotating With Small Fan ABS Rain High Pressure Spray Nozzle Bathroom Accessories



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Strong pressurized water outlet. With filter, detachable

Pressurize and dispense water, “bath” freely and dripping freely

Built-in turbofan

Fully mixed cold and hot water pressurized effluent

Product information:

Material: ABS plastic

Installation type: processing

Style: Single head

Model: Pressure water-saving shower

Showerhead shape: round

Type: Fixed bracket type

Surface treatment: Chrome alloy

Shower function: water-saving shower

Packing list

According to variant content

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1c0e5fc1 b299 413c bd66 6ae3285b495f
c61d0871 c2ae 4196 87eb 1b6d09a3f853

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 310 × 80 × 350 cm

5PC pp cotton, Adjustable blue, Adjustable blue set, Adjustable gold, Adjustable gold set, Adjustable purple, Adjustable purple set, Adjustable red, Adjustable silver, Adjustable silver set, American style wall, Blue, Blue set, Blue transparent tube, Blue transparent with filter, Blue with box, Hose, Pp cotton, Pp cotton 10PCS, Pp cotton 2PCS, Purple, Purple set, Purple transparent tube, Purple transparent with filter, Purple with box, Red, Red set, Red transparent tube, Red transparent with filter, Red with box, Set1, Set10, Set11, Set12, Set13, Set15, Set16, Set17, Set18, Set2, Set20, Set21, Set22, Set23, Set24, Set25, Set26, Set28, Set29, Set30, Set32, Set33, Set34, Set36, Set37, Set38, Set39, Set4, Set40, Set41, Set42, Set43, Set44, Set45, Set46, Set47, Set48, Set49, Set5, Set50, Set51, Set52, Set53, Set54, Set55, Set56, Set57, Set58, Set6, Set7, Set8, Set9, Silver, Silver set, Silver with box, Yellow, Yellow set, Yellow transparent tube, Yellow transparent with filter, Yellow with box


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