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Projection Lamp 6 Kinds Of Projection Patterns Bluetooth Sound Lamp LED Night Lamp Indoor Atmosphere Lamp Birthday Gift



SKU: CJSN1672224 Category:

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Material: ABS

Package size:



1. It is both Bluetooth stereo and night light

2. The remote control can be timed to adjust the light brightness and control the Bluetooth audio

3.5 light modes, 6 sets of projection patterns,

4.1200 mA high capacity battery

Product information:

Specification: ordinary plug-in type/ordinary charging type/charging Bluetooth audio type

Size: 120*120*150mm

Style: American

Packing List:

Projection lamp * 1

USB cable * 1

Projection * 6

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Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 125 × 125 × 153 cm

USB charging, USB charging Bluetooth audio, USB direct plug


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