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Multicolor Chinese Dragon Pattern Jacquard



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Product information:

Variety: Brocade

Composition and content: 50% rayon +50 polyester silk

Yarn count: 120

Density: 35 high density

Gram weight: 130 (g/㎡)

Width: 150cm

Dyeing and finishing process: dyeing

Specific Uses: skirt, shirt, wedding dress, home clothes, luggage, curtain, halter shirt, dress, casual wear, fashion, lining cloth, decorative cloth, stage clothes, cushion, throw pillow, sofa, underwear, pajamas, tablecloth, tablecloth, home cloth art, placemat, toys, crafts, apron sleeves, cosplay, costume

Item No. : Chinese Dragon Series

Alias: Chinese dragon brocade jacquard

Applicable season: Spring and summer

Pattern craft: large machine embroidery

Print Style: Animal print

Popular elements: ethnic groups

Color: Golden red, golden yellow, red, purple red, white

Packing list:


0a1bf7f0 1165 41a8 a353 47e39dac16be
d7a8c926 40b6 4e34 ac53 03c4a25c8fb4
ebc83800 f2d7 448e adf6 df4a6b0bbc0b
52715acb 9b1e 429e ab58 2dfd1ca7e177
144fd77c de32 44b4 85e2 cfefecdf4301
d475ae8b 343a 4623 b5fb 794a319a51bd
35bf72eb 9aa2 407d 9714 f7cd55598558
cc90d7d0 645b 43e4 ab3f 9f4ab9c51150
e51fbe7a 1960 4775 acc4 64a925c23962
0d6dfec6 b0f6 4b3f 8424 47b6388c1fd2

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm



Golden red, Olden yellow, Purple red, Red, White


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