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Domino Train Toys Baby Toys Car Puzzle Automatic Release Licensing Electric Building Blocks Train Toy



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12 / 100


Simply push the cartridge down onto the domino to load the cartridge.

Put the cartridge on top of the train and turn on the train.

Turn the train hopper to steer left and right.

As the train moves forward, it will place the dominoes in a row.

This product is designed to develop children’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition


Product Information: 

Material: Plastic/plastic

Packing: Color box

Wooden block type: Domino

3C configuration category: Plastic toys under 14 years of age

Domino type: Automatic dealing dominoes

1 set: 100 dominoes, 5 packs+card storage box (random color, excluding small trains)


Packing list:

Toy train*1

39b5d4e8 79b9 40d0 9c92 50e4feec3b21
f747ef6b fa2e 428b be38 3e55732ee3e6
43b3c753 6bf2 4b07 af07 359803fb5f45
73bc9a45 8e34 46f6 8dfb 97e0552e51f9
e6f81afb 5399 44fa b458 5b2d2c04642d
6faa7f91 1283 4bc5 bf8e a7832f86e211
58cbac0a 4a7a 478a 8143 bcd00139bd3d
3a470c52 7b37 4b2d 8ab3 01fc77185069

5355efd0 e867 4503 8ebb 0a461b6d0227

d64c448a c515 4963 a931 5e349d14d13d

a41e59c0 c58e 4fde 9221 2d543cc42054

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 265 × 80 × 140 cm

100pieces 5packs, 120PCS, 180pcs, 60pcs, 80pcs


1set, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Set


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