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4 In 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger Fast Charging For Smart Phone Atmosphere Light Charging Station For Airpods Pro I-phone Watch



SKU: CJYD1793469 Categories: , , ,

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64 / 100


Magnetic charging Fast does not hurt the machine

Three in one Make your desktop cleaner

Touch design Convenient and fast

Dream RGB lamp effect Dye your desktop

FOD Foreign Body Detection Automatic identification of foreign objects

Multiple protection Safe fast charging


Product information:

Color: black, white

Product features: RGB multi-function lamp effect

Style: Universal

Size: 145*147 * 66mm

Packing list:

Charger * 1 power cord * 1 manual * 1

Product Image:

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8bf9a6e2 f90f 4326 8ea1 12268ef94ba0
9e18a7bc aebd 4f83 86c5 4f36a9f6ff44
048bd4d1 48e0 44d8 95a7 bf1415785a17
0d9a999e 4a4c 4d1d 8325 d8c2e584805b
850e3dd8 e246 4ed1 bf3e 8994ef4a285b
31470765 c515 49df a02d 06ce448f1607
95cc2628 5765 4b56 bc76 1f36e147d5f1
4e1cdfd7 25ec 4845 9bc8 6a5ca66c2692
7d0fd446 1fd3 486e 8c69 cddcd36bfcc4
4a29bfe0 5e41 4dd2 8224 59cd8429fe25
0c40e20f f66f 4483 9c1b 4feced349e59
a979f5e7 2b08 47c3 8ec5 84394e3c86d8
66100c6c 4be4 4fc0 b54f 7a39046127c3
48f0f881 64a5 4899 9ec6 9ee6ac8256dd
9d6b1b05 7674 4807 94c8 acd4da274197
0a706b9f 100e 4658 8cd8 208be7aaf608
922ef2b9 f295 4086 ab90 0b8400d2e780

Weight 0.39 kg
Dimensions 160 × 148 × 72 cm

Black, White


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